Letter from the Chairman

Madrid, January 1 st,  2020

We are involved in the most lively and dynamic system that has ever existed. The significant economic and social transformations we are experiencing -and Grupo Ortiz is an active agent in them- are not isolated and limited events in time. On the contrary, they define its main feature: a continuously changing process.

We live in a context where the line between technical-economic reliability and business principles -good governance, respect and protection of the environment and social commitment- has completely disappeared. Today, our behavior in each one of these aspects not only affects the outcome of the others, but it will also align them strategically.  It is, in short, a demanding context that impels us to renew our commitment to sustainability every day in order to remain considered a global partner.

If Grupo Ortiz is a living company with a long history, it is because all its workers have proven their ability to adapt to change.  It is the people who work here that with their effort, continuous training and ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, allow the Group to achieve its goals. Each of them is necessary.

We will keep working on the kind of projects that we have always addressed and achieved, and we will also keep innovating every day.

Juan Antonio Carpintero López
Chairman of Grupo Ortiz