How to report an ethical breach

Reporting channel operation

The aim of this channel is to promote compliance with the Ortiz Group's Code of Ethics and it is open to everyone. If you believe that there has been a gap in compliance, this is a safe and bidirectional channel that promotes collaboration between the Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee and employees and stakeholders, for the protection of the ethical culture in all the activities we carry out.

Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee
Manages complaints and queries. Its members are subject to the principles of confidentiality, honorability, fairness, listening, objectivity and autonomy.
Whistleblower protection
The Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee ensures that there is no retaliation of any kind against the person or persons who have raised their queries, complaints or grievances in good faith.
The committee guarantees confidentiality to all those who use any of the offered channels. All communications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
Once the investigation file has been examined, the Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee undertakes to carry out the disciplinary, sanctioning and judicial processes, as appropriate, until they are resolved. In the case of considering that the facts denounced do not suppose an infraction, it will proceed to reject the denouncement by closing the case, communicating to the denouncer the reasons for the rejection.

How to contact us to deal with a complaint or query

    • Through the web form that you will find below.
    • By post with address:
      Calle Ensanche de Vallecas 44
      28051 Madrid (Spain)