Our Ethics

Management committed to people.

Our Code of Ethics
Example of professionalism and reflection of an existing ethical culture

Our Code of Ethics includes the values and principles that govern our activity and the conduct of all the people who belong to Grupo Ortiz. The aim is to provide a frame of reference that allows us to measure any activity and achieve the best way of doing things. Grupo Ortiz attaches the utmost importance to the fair treatment of employees, clients and suppliers, authorities, investors and the general public. In addition, we ensure that the principles established in our Code of Ethics are complied with in all the companies in which we participate.

Compliance Program

The Compliance Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee, which reports directly to the Board of Directors, coordinates and controls compliance with the regulatory process and ensures the commitment of all Ortiz Group companies against corruption, promoting human rights and sustainability. In order to achieve the highest degree of compliance with regulations and the values of the organization, we permanently review and update our Compliance Program, implementing new control procedures and improving those in force. The Ortiz Group's Training and Communication departments are responsible for the dissemination of the ethical culture and legal compliance.

Do you know of any cases of non-compliance?
Our Ethics Committee evaluates and treats all communications of possible breaches with the utmost confidentiality. If you believe there has been a gap in compliance, this is a secure, two-way channel.
Our documents
Essential Documents
Download our documents that show the evolution of our business, our ethical commitment, good business practices and the development of the activity of our employees under a code of ethics and professional conduct.
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Purpose and values
Our essence is to contribute to building a better world by being faithful to our values and principles. We work to offer efficient solutions to our clients by being responsible with our environment.
Corporate Governance
We are aware that efficient and responsible management is a necessary condition to achieve our main goal: a sustainable economic growth model.