Grupo Ortiz in brief

At Grupo Ortiz we build safe infrastructure, design effective technical solutions and invest and manage projects that sustainably contribute to making the world a better place.

Grupo Ortiz
We have almost 60 years of experience, a great technical and financial capacity, as well as a multidisciplinary team that works in order to create useful solutions for people. With them in mind, we build safe infrastructures, design effective technical solutions and invest in projects that contribute sustainably to make the world a better place.
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Important facts about Grupo Ortiz
Tons of CO2 emissions avoided
2,000 +
€640M +
Audited Revenues 2019
€54M +
Audited Group EBITDA 2019
64% +
International Revenues
  • 32,390
    Tons of CO2 emissions avoided
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The values that define us

We fulfill our commitments. We align our activity with the best interests of our clients and the communities in which we operate. Every project we execute is an opportunity to make our sustainable commitment a reality, promote economic development, environmental protection and social progress.


For our experience, which serves as a guide to seek technical excellence. Our multidisciplinary team, a guarantee of lasting relationships based on trust. For our flexibility and adaptation to change, which makes us agile in decisions and allows us to be faithful to our principles.


We define our strategy independently. We know that to work with honesty and transparency is to invest in the present and future of our company. We assess risks beforehand to always provide added value and produce results that are socially valuable.

Responsible growth strategy

Grupo Ortiz's growth capacity is based on economic-financial aspects, technical and management training and diversification into business and geographical areas. We are a company that has clear capacities and possibilities for responsible growth, making investments that contribute to long-term sustainable development, an increase in the social value of the projects we carry out and their added value to satisfy all our stakeholders.

Grupo Ortiz revenues 2015- 2019

Audited data December 2019.

Chart of domestic vs. international revenues 2015-2019

Audited data. December 2019.

Distribution of revenues by business unit 2019

Audited Data December 2019.
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Download our documents that show the evolution of our business, our ethical commitment, good business practices and the development of the activity of our employees under a code of ethics and professional conduct.
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