Corporate Governance

We reflect our values in the way we manage and organize the company's decision-making and control bodies

Principles of good governance
Transparency, ethics and integrity

One of the Ortiz Group's commitments is that of continuous improvement, seeking a greater degree of transparency, efficiency and rigor in our Corporate Governance. This factor is considered decisive for the generation of trust and long-term commitment between Grupo Ortiz and our stakeholders.

Strategy and ethics
Grupo Ortiz assumes a set of principles and values that express its commitment to good corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. The Code of Ethics includes this set of principles and values and applies to all companies that the Group directly or indirectly controls.
Integrated and clear
Grupo Ortiz has as a priority objective to maintain the framework of relations with its shareholders based on transparency and adequately protecting their right to information and respect for their freedom of decision.
CSR Policy
The Grupo Ortiz social responsibility policy aims to foster a global culture of social responsibility that contributes to improving people's well-being and creating sustainable value for shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.
Risk management and regulatory compliance
Grupo Ortiz is committed to the application of corporate governance practices and to the maintenance, development and supervision of effective compliance policies. In addition, we have assumed a permanent commitment of vigilance and sanction of fraudulent acts and conducts, of implantation and development of a business culture of ethics and honesty, for which we have a Plan for the Prevention of Criminal Offenses and a Code of Ethics.

Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of Grupo Ortiz are the shareholders as an integral part of the business project, the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and the Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee, which oversees the commitment of all the companies of Grupo Ortiz against corruption, and promoting human rights and sustainability.


Get to know our governing bodies
Shareholders - General Shareholders' Meeting
Board of Directors
Management Committee
Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee

Board of Directors

The mission of the Board of Directors of Grupo Ortiz is the administration, representation and management of the Company, and the administration and disposition of its assets, corresponding to them all the powers not attributed by the Law or in the Articles of Association to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Management committed to people

Our management is focused on achieving a profitable business and our earnings targets, but always taking into account the commitment acquired with people and the environment. This approach is transmitted from all areas of the company to align our business vision with social benefit and sustainable development.