Our commitment to the environment

The environment defines people's quality of life
Through our projects in the areas of renewable energy, water treatment and environmental activity, we support the Green Economy initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme. We believe it is our duty to carry out projects that improve the situation of people, but always under the protection and respect for the environment.
Environmental Objectives
CO2 measurement

To implement the system of measuring the equivalent tons of CO2 emitted, through the measurement of Carbon Footprint, as the basis of our business ethics in the fight against climate change.

Greenhouse gases

Implement a greenhouse gas measurement system according to the Carbon Footprint measurement requirements.

Carbon Neutrality

Achieve carbon neutrality by offsetting 100% of the emissions generated.

Quality and environment certification

All delegations and work centres of Grupo Ortiz have quality and environmental certification.

ICT measurement system

Implement a measurement system, based on TIC's, for the analysis of all the environmental and social data generated in the different projects and works.

Environmental Policy
Sustainable and inclusive economic growth

We assume the protection and care of the environment throughout our entire production process. We understand that accepting this commitment is the only possible way to achieve sustained and inclusive growth. With our work, we pursue the creation of productive employment and shared wealth, the promotion of respect for available natural resources and, in short, to provide society with greater present and future well-being.

Waste management
We contribute to a circular economy consisting of a continuous cycle of positive development that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimising the use of resources and minimising system risks. All of the company's workplaces identify, evaluate, and control the environmental aspects of the generation of inert solid waste, urban waste, vegetable waste, and toxic and hazardous waste.
Energy efficiency
Grupo Ortiz identifies the environmental aspects related to the consumption of water, raw materials and energy, pursuing its Intelligent use, and incorporating it into our daily activity as the basis for the reduction of greenhouse gases.
Climate Change
Minimise our impact

We minimise our impact, we maximize our effect and we do not settle, in 2023 we want to reduce our emissions by 40%. Grupo Ortiz invests, executes and operates clean energy production plants that actively combat climate change by reducing energy dependence on fossil fuels. We measure to know where to improve; in our daily life and in our workplaces, we evaluate and control the atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases that we produce in the development of our activity.

Biodiversity protection
All the company's work centres identify, evaluate and control the environmental aspects associated with the protection of biodiversity, depending on the natural environment in which this activity is carried out.
Risk Management
Grupo Ortiz 's Environmental Risk is identified, evaluated and measured in the Risk Maps of the Crime Prevention Model.
Essential Documents
Download our documents that demonstrate our commitment to legality, good business practices and the development of our activity under a code of ethics and sustainable conduct with the environment.