Our commitment to people

Social benefit and sustainable development
Our commitment to people is a transversal commitment that runs through all the business areas of the Grupo Ortiz and aligns our business objective with social benefits. People are at the heart of our business: clients, employees, communities and suppliers.
Human Rights
We act by demonstrating our responsibility to the international conventions of the International Labour Organization and the Sustainable Development Goals. From our beginnings to the present day, the protection of and respect for people's fundamental rights have formed part of our code of ethics and business culture.
Our People
Our team is our best asset to ensure the future of our company. At Grupo Ortiz we defend indefinite hiring and the creation of internal promotion opportunities that help us to bring out all the talent in people. We take the creation of non-discriminatory working environments and the application of the highest standards in occupational risk prevention very seriously.
We believe in communication and transparency as essential tools to advance every day in the relationship with our clients, better understand their needs and expectations to offer the best possible response.
Supply Chain
Our footprint is already present at the beginning of the supply chain. For us, responsible management means ensuring that the commitments made in terms of ethics and social responsibility always prevail over any other.
Local Communities
We contribute to the economic and social development of the communities where we intervene. With our projects we generate local employment, clean energy, and durable and reliable infrastructure. With our passage through them we learn while respecting the local environment and seeking to improve the standards of social welfare where we work.
Social Action
We believe that development is only sustainable if it leaves no one behind. Therefore, among our most valuable activities, are those that allow us to actively participate in sustaining social inclusion, education, health, sport and culture in socially disadvantaged sectors.