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Human Resources

The development of the people who work within our organisation is one of the keys for the successful operation of our company. 


In Grupo Ortiz, we commit to improving specialised training and encouraging internal promotion of our employees. The dedication, quality and high levels of technical qualification of our staff have made Grupo Ortiz one of the strongest corporate groups in Spain today.


Team work, shared responsibilities and innovation to improve all our processes have been the fundamentals of our growth.  The evolution of a group that has grown responsibly, that is, a group that is "able to think ahead and develop a business management model that brings together efficiency, effectiveness and growth based on the well-being of people and their environments".


At 2018 year-end, the Group had 2,083 employees, 1,312 of which are part of its permanent staff and 771 were temporary workers across all business areas: Concessions, Energy, Construction, Services and Property.

1,528 employees among all personnel are national workers (including expats), while 555 are international local staff.

The average age of the Company's employees is 46.


Since 2010, we work with etalent, a professional development tool that helps us manage the human resources in all of the companies within the group.

Through this system, we can obtain transparent and updated information on the knowledge, training, experience and assessment of each professional.


  • It provides valid information on the most qualified people for each position (promotions, relocation and international development), thus making processes objective and transparent.
  • It also allows searching for internal vacancies and fostering the promotion of people who belong to the company group.
  • When interested, users can access the assessments received using a password. 
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