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Grupo Ortiz in Peru

Grupo Ortiz has been present in Peru since 2010. It is registered as executor of works in the National Register of Suppliers (RNP) and has the capacity to sign contract worth more than € 1,150 million with the state, and as a part of CAPECO (Peruvian Chamber of Construction).

We have activities in the following areas:

  • Construction: the volume of contracted projects in the fields of environment.

  • Energy: in this sector, we are undertaking significant maintenance contracts and escuting minor work in networks of high, medium and low voltage for electrical utilities. We are also executing contracts for the construction of lines and high-voltage substations for utilities transporters.

Our main clients are subsidiaries of the Central Government, like Sedapal, the Peruvian Institute of Sport, Regional Governments and private companies like TESUR and EDELNOR. Before bidding, we form partnerships with local businesses, offering our experience and technical competence (innovative construction methods).


Main projects


Civil engineering:





Environmental Work: 



Substations and high-voltage line:

Maintenance of electrical networks:

  • Works service and maintenance networks and high voltage substations  for EDELNOR (Endesa)

  • Works service and maintenance of medium and low voltage networks for EDELNOR (Endesa)






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