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Business Units

Photovoltaic Plants

GRUPO ORTIZ has recently pot into Commercial Operation of a 14 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant in El Salvador, which, added to the 58 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant in Chile to the already-completed photovoltaic plants Horus I and Horus II, with power of 57 MWp and 36MWp respectively, in the Santa Rosa area of Guatemala and the Marcovia Solar photovoltaic solar power photovoltaic plant in Honduras, with power of 42 MWp, combines for a total of 193 MW installed in LATAM. This fact has made GRUPO ORTIZ the largest construction group in the Central America region for EPC contracts and one of the biggest in all of Latin America.

Grupo Ortiz, through ORTIZ ENERGÍA and ELECOR, has built eleven Photovoltaic Plant in EU, five in Spain with installe power 24MW, four PV Plants in Italy with a installed power 20 MW and two PV plants in France with a installed power 23,6 MW.

The total sum of plants completed andin operation gives a total power of 450 MW to which if we add the 27 MW project for the next three photovoltaic solar power plants in Japan, 13 MWp  in El salvador plus180 and 165 MW in Mexico would give us a total of 838 MW.



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