Rehabilitation of the Peruvian pavilion in Seville

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Business Units

Rehabilitation of the Peruvian pavilion in Seville

Client: CSIC SI

Cost: 353,862.04 excluding VAT

Contractor: Condisa.

Location:  Avenida de Maria Luisa S/N. (Casa de la Ciencia. Branch of CSIC in Andalusia and Consulate of Peru.). Seville.

Description of work:

  • Cleaning of surfaces of brickwork walls and mortar and concrete elements
  • ​ Volumetric reintegration of facade mouldings.
  • As a preventive measure: mouldings fixed and sculptural elements attached to the façade by means of anchoring.
  • ​ Filling of cracks in vertical walls with injections of low-viscosity liquid resin.
  • Replacement of fragmented and broken gargoyles by equivalent ones; choosing to repeat an existing model, the model that was replaced in the restoration carried out in 1983. Except on the west façade where, after the historical research, graphic documentation was found that allowed the reproduction of the only gargoyle without an animal figure so far documented. It was reproduced based on the photographs found.
  • Reintegration of all the areas that had a coating applied, the removal of which was ruled out after the cleaning tests in which the high deterioration of the substrate was verified, to achieve the partial removal of the paint. This reintegration was carried out by means of natural pigment stenciling, in order to integrate the finish of these surfaces with the rest of the walls of the same material as the facade.
  • Application of specific nano-particle-based water-repellent, on which tests are being carried out to assess its durability, to all surfaces.


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