Zamora provincial Hospital

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Zamora provincial Hospital

Project: Renovation and Extension of Zamora Provincial Hospital

Client: Regional Health Authority. Regional Government of Castilla y León.

Location: Calle Hernán Cortes 40, 49021 Zamora.

Successful Bidder: Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos S.A.

Amount: €29,358,333.89 including VAT

Term: 73 months.


The Zamora Provincial Hospital consists of 4 blocks:

The first block, the "Hospitalisation Block" consists of 5 floors and a basement and 7,520 m2. Its basement is to be used for cooling and central heating units, boiler room, etc. The rest of the floors are intended for hospital wards and related services: medical rooms, nursing, etc.

The second block, the "Outpatient Block" consists of 4 floors and has a surface area of 8.184 m2. 2 floors will be used for examination rooms, external consultancy rooms and special oncology treatments and minor outpatient surgery.

The "Surgery Block" will have a surface of 2,640 m2 which will be used primarily for surgery and rehabilitation services.

The fourth block, "Admission" consists of 4 floors and is the longitudinal axis which, alongside the main façade of the building, meets each of the planned and existing Functional Modules.

With the construction of this new building and the remodelling of existing buildings and annexes to same, a new Hospital Complex will be delivered, with a total of 26,744 m2 for attending to the health needs of the city of Zamora.

Social benefits:

More than 75 specialized subcontractor companies have collaborated directly and indirectly on the construction of this new building.

Over 200 workers have worked on the different phases of construction of the project.

This Reform, Construction and Extension of the current buildings that make up the Zamora Provincial Hospital will deliver a new Hospital Complex that attends to the health needs of the city of Zamora and integrates all services on a rational basis with the most advanced technology and the modern services of a newly constructed hospital.

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