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Grupo Ortiz Headquarters

Grupo Ortiz Headquarters and the two adjacent buildings are bioclimatic buildings. These are located in the  urban development " Ensanche de Vallecas" in Madrid. They are especially unique in structure, with large concrete frames, five floors and a total of 10,000 m2 approximately, built with the purpose of incorporating them constructive and means of production techniques that achieve a high level of energy efficiency and maximum comfort their employees.


Two of the buildings have special and innovative features, while another incorporates features incorporated which are in line with the requirements set by the Building Technical Code. Thanks to the monitoring system installed, we can control the different environmental strategies of both buildings, compare results and ascertain the benefits or drawbacks of each energy solution. The Grupo Ortiz headquarters thus becomes, in terms of research projects in energy-efficient architecture; a pioneering initiative in our country

The set follows the requirements of the Building Technical Code, reaching the highest bioclimatic classification score, an A. For more information, download the brochure "Bioclimatic Buildings"(ESP) - (PDF).

The main features of these energy efficient buildings are:


  • Bioclimatic Building.
  • Geothermal heat exchanger that takes advantage of the subsoil as a free energy source of heat or cold.
  • Special structure which provides indirect light and energy savings thanks to the arrangement of the structural ribs.
  • Solar Thermal Cold with which solar energy can be used in summer for cooling.
  • Pioneering Tri-generation system in Spain, used to obtain cold water from a hot water source.
  • Cogeneration turbines that reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Light intensity adjustment systems, with intelligent lighting uses sunlight.
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